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    Partner introdution

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    Partner introdution

    Beijing-Qiu Yuling

    Qiu Yuling Native place: Jining, Shandong Province, member of the communist party of China, Jining city May Day labor medal winner.

    Graduated from Shandong normal university, majoring in Chinese language and literature.

    She once worked as deputy director of general manager office of Jining central department store, director of university town news center of private economic daily of Yangcheng evening news, chief editor of China architecture and interior designer website, chief editor of ccots travel website and tourist characters.2013-2018 founded Beijing ChengShichuang culture and media co., LTD.General manager of ChengShichuang.China company;At the end of 2018, she served as general manager of Beijing photosynthetic zhisheng co., LTD.In 2017, She started shooting the international program 'City view pays tribute to international design masters', and went to more than 10 countries to shoot.In 2018, she organized the exhibition '50 houses designed by Chinese' to be exhibited in the official exhibition of Milan international design week.

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    Shandong-Frank Zhang

    Frank Zhang,CEO of GOXUS,Canada, senior partner of Photosynthetic (Beijing) culture and creative co., LTD., and CEO of Metropolitan international art center, Canada.

    In 2013, he received a master of arts degree from the university of British Columbia. In 2015, he was a member of the global strategic leadership learning group of the business school of the university of British Columbia.


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    Hunan-Tang Xianliang

    Tang Xianliang, supervisor, male, born in September 1979, Chinese nationality, no right of permanent residence abroad.

    Graduated from Hunan university engineering management major, college degree.

    From June 2002 to March 2003, he worked as a technician in Zhuzhou Jianghai environmental protection industrial co., LTD.From June 2003 to June 2005, Hunan university interior design professional training;From June, 2005 to march, 2007, successively served as designer and design director in Hunan tai 'an decoration development co., LTD.From March 2007 to March 2013, successively served as design supervisor and design director in Hunan Wanyu display art design engineering co., LTD.In April 2013, he joined Beijing Hanhaiyuda exhibition art design co., LTD., successively serving as design supervisor and project manager.Since July 2015, he served as the supervisor of photosynthetic (Beijing) cultural and creative co., LTD.

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    Jiangsu-Cui Ren

    Cui Ren, male, from Yancheng, Jiangsu province, CPC member, senior economist.

    In the government's economic management and service of the people's livelihood department for 40 years, served as director of travel for several years, dozens of involved in formulating economic policy and employment policy, government work familiar with the operational rules, and understand the basic needs of the people, insight into the economic law of development, especially for the tourism economy development and city brand development strategy is of further research.He used to be a senior researcher of first-class qualification tourism research institute, guiding the compilation of general regulations for cultural tourism, rural tourism planning, general regulations and detailed regulations for scenic spots in Anhui, Jiangsu and other counties, accumulating rich experience.High position, wide vision, strong overall concept, attach importance to both strategy and tactics, guide the planning into a strong operational effect, good landing effect, fully recognized by the local government.

    Presided over the establishment of 'China salt merchants' magazine, gathering a group of salt merchants resources for development. Written expression ability is strong, published more articles, has been rated as the national top ten contribution blog by people's net.

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    Ray:Bachelor of environmental arts, Guangzhou academy of fine arts; master of business administration,Chinese university of Hong Kong;professional member of Hong Kong environmental design association;EMBA, school of management, Sun Yat-Sen University; researcher of Guangdong urbanization research center;

    The main design and research projects are as follows:Guangzhou international financial center (guangzhou west tower); The China pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo; Shanghai Qian Xuesen Museum; Library of Chongqing University of technology; Hengqin Cultural Exchange Center, university of Macau; Taikoo hui plaza, Guangzhou; Guangzhou Oriental Culture Hotel; Jade Ramada Hotel, Guangzhou; Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe Hotel; Hampton by Hilton Hotel; Holiday Inn Express intercontinental smart choice Holiday hotel product development.

      Awards: 2009 China Environmental Art Design Academic Year prize; 2009 China Environmental Art Design Academic year award best creative award; 2011 China Art Design Architectural Space Category gold award; 2012-3 ID+D American Interior magazine design elite award.

    Design concept: Inspired by the design, architectural and commercial design research. At the beginning of my practice, as a young designer of environmental art, my intuition and sensitivity made me look for inspiration of environmental art design from architectural order, which enabled me to integrate my design with architectural space, obtain a rational core within the external form, and achieve a design integrity. Compared to other interior designers, I tend to be rational; Compared to the architect, I am still emotional; In terms of design method, it wanders between architecture and environmental art.

    Not limited to a certain design or a certain region, but at the level of urban development, different elements are analyzed one by one and combined into a service based on the theme of development. I pay attention to regional features, traditional cultural background, climate conditions, use functions, human business activities and even the unique interests of each group, and insist on exploring the uniqueness of design and the nature of primitive life. Style is only the product naturally presented after these explorations.However, design theory also tends to form the thinking pattern of designers, so they always grow up in a kind of contradictory thinking and self-criticism.The future is still uncertain, this uncertainty is exciting.

    Wisdom partners:

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    Wang Min

    Wang Min, male, was born in Yantai, Shandong Province in 1956. He is currently the Dean of the School of Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a Distinguished Professor of Yangtze river Scholars, and a Doctoral Supervisor. Chair professor, school of design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Member of the International Graphic Designers Association (AGI), Chairman of AGI China; former Director of Image and Landscape Art of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. He was admitted to the China Academy of Art in 1977 and studied at the Art University of Berlin in Germany and the Art School of Yale University in the United States. He has taught at the Yale School of Art in the United States and served as Adobe's senior art director and design director for the world's largest publishing design software company. His works have participated in many major international exhibitions and won awards. His works have been collected by many museums; he has been invited as a judge of design competitions for many times; he has held academic lectures in many places in the world and has hosted many academic activities related to design. In 2001, he participated in the Beijing Olympics and designed the Beijing Olympics multimedia presentation. In 2004, he established the Central Academy of Fine Arts Olympic Art Research Center and served as the director. The center designed Olympic design projects such as Olympic medals, Olympic sports logos, Olympic color systems, Olympic landscape system guides, and Olympic tickets. From October 2006 to October 2008, he served as Director of Image and Landscape Art of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, responsible for the image and landscape design of the Beijing Olympic Games.

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    Pang Yulong

    Pang Yulong, male, born in 1962, is a famous Yi scholar, scholar and founder of Chance School. Graduated from Petroleum University in 1983. Now he is a special professor of MBA in Peking University and Zhejiang University, an invited researcher of China Marketing Research Center, and a chief expert of International Brand Promotion Association.

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    Yu Zhongfu

    Yu Zhongfu, born in November 1960, is a doctor and researcher of economics from Zhejiang Province. He enjoys special allowances from the State Council. He has worked in the Ministry of Electronic Industry, the Research Office of the State Council, the Beijing Municipal Committee, the Ningbo Municipal Government and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. Mainly engaged in decision-making and strategic research, in regional comparison and development, urban development strategy, comprehensive economic research has accumulated, in philosophy and other humanities research has also been involved, with a wide range of interests. He is the main researcher of capital economy, headquarters economy and world cities.

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    Mi Jianguo

    Mi Jianguo, Hebei native, member of the Communist Party of China, Ph.D. in economics, currency and banking, researcher, professor, doctoral tutor. Former director of the Information Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council, former party secretary and researcher of the information center.

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    Xiong Chengyu  

    Xiong Chengyu, male, Doctor of Brigham Young University, Professor of Tsinghua University, Doctoral Tutor, Director of National Center for Cultural Industry Research, Director of New Media Communication Research Center, Director of Center for Global Innovation Leadership Research of Peking University, Vice President of Chinese Communication Society and Director of China International Cultural Exchange Center.

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    Zhao Jianhua

    Zhao Jianhua, male, from Qingzhou, Shandong Province. Professor and doctoral supervisor. He is currently the director of the Leading Science Research Center of Shandong University. Main research directions: leadership science, ideological and political education, Marx's theory of principle and justice. To teach international MBA classes in Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management; to teach EMBA Singapore classes and Korean classes in Peking University. The doctoral and master's degree students I have trained are suitable for the fields of work: Government Civil servants, enterprise professional managers, psychological researchers and educators. Part-time social work: Deputy Secretary-General of the Daily History Committee of the People's Republic of China; Special Fellow of the Central Institute of Educational Science; Executive Director of the Chinese Association of Educational Artists, etc.


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    Stephen Markscheid

    Stephen Markscheid is experts in capital operation, listing and financing in the United States and Eurasia have more than 30 years of professional experience. They have special advantages in listing in global capital markets, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, strategic investment, limelight and cross-industry development in emerging markets. American public citizens and professionals began their capital investment operations with GE CAPITAL. He has worked in New York, Chicago, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and other places. Besides working in investment banks, he has served as independent directors of more than 10 listed companies in the United States. He has provided pertinence for Chinese enterprises such as credit, Sinopec Capital and Pan-China Financial Control to enter the United States and Hong Kong stock market from within the company. Analytical consultation to provide access to capital markets familiar with global financial and capital market rules and operations.

    Partner introdution

    Wang Daomin

    Wang Daomin, Ph.D., graduated from Northwestern University in the United States. In 1994, he served as Assistant Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University. In 1995, he joined the Fortune 200 company, Illinois Tool Group (ITW), and served as Group R&D Manager of Materials Research Department of Group Technology Center and Managing Director of Group Asia Technology Center. In 2008, Dr. Wang joined Haier Group and was appointed Senior Vice President of Haier Group. He is responsible for group strategy and technology research and development. He is working with Haier President Zhang Ruimin and Yang Mianmian to develop the Group's development strategy and carry out corporate reform. He has also been responsible for Haier Group's “Innovation Center”, global R&D, and as the managing partner of Haier Group's open-type Maker Incubation Platform, responsible for the enterprise reform based on venture capital incubator, focusing on the marketization of emerging industries. In 2015, Dr. Wang joined the Hanergy Holding Group as the Group's Vice President and served as CEO of the Hanergy Product Incubation Center, using the open innovation approach to product development for the Hanergy Holding Group and the incubation and acceleration of emerging industries.

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    James B. Heimowitz

    Mr. He Zhiming is currently the president and President of China Istitute*, and also the director of Huamei Confucius Institute. He came to China from an early age and was the first group of American students to study in China in the 1980s.

    He has extensive experience in finance, management consulting and public relations. Prior to joining the China-American Association, he served as President of the Asia-Pacific Region and President of Greater China Region of Weida Public Relations Company, and led a number of major international projects, including international media relations for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    He is a member of the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee, the National Committee on U.S. -China Relations, and serves as a director of a number of media and technology companies related to China. He also served as a judge of the International Emmy Awards and wrote articles for various media.

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