GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

For Luannan project, the major design of GOXUS brand includes cultural exploration, brand positioning, brand ecosystem design, industrial structure improvement design, brand operation design and other contents. We will continue to report the progress of the project through the public account of GOXUS WeChat.

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

Luannan cultural excavation

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

After many field investigations and visits, GOXUS analyzed the development status of Luannan brand culture according to the guidance of the GOXUS design area culture research model, and summarized as follows:

First.Ecology, intelligence

Luannan is a state-level garden county and the first batch of smart city pilot. In recent years, Luannan has taken 'Ecological livability and northern water city' as the urban development goals, and constantly practiced and played its guiding role in economic development.

Second.Profound and long culture

Luannan county has a long history. It is the birthplace of pingju opera, shadow puppets and Leting drum.

Third.Diversified industrial development

Grand health, equipment manufacturing, modern light industry, steel spade production, hardware tools manufacturing, port logistics, high-tech and leisure tourism industry, multi-industry integration, collaborative development.

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

Luannan brand positioning

The model of ecological tour of the whole region

Luannan brand ecological composition

The overall brand ecological goal of Luannan project is to realize the overall balanced development of Luannan brand through the construction of five ecological systems: cultural ecology, historical ecology, folk ecology, industrial ecology and people's livelihood ecology. Specifically, the main brand functional areas will be implemented through steel shovels town, cultural education and tourism ecological circle, Kangyang cultural industry cluster, Luannan model of rural revitalization, and fine urban management.

First.Steel shovel town

Steel shovel town is the collection exhibition, brand, promotion, innovation of science and technology in the integration of industry, ecological town contains three platforms: show trading platform (brand exhibition, large-scale exhibition, international procurement and market distribution, products adopt pin,), the comprehensive platform (leisure recreation, life form a complete set, business support, services, culture, and others), the industrial transformation platform (basic research and development, processing and packaging, distribution, hatch innovation), through the three platform to build real international steel spade industry ecosystem.

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

At the same time, Luannan think tank is set up in steel shoveling town to provide services for the ecological zone of steel shoveling industry. Brand cultivation center, to help enterprises without brands to form their own brand; Industry incubation center, provides the policy interpretation, consulting, counselling training, talents output, real hair and docking, financial services, promotional, legal consultation, etc.), the creative design center (to provide service for independent research and development of the design of the product, from design, brand planning, contracting out the aesthetic design, structure design, advertising design, intellectual property, and so on service, reference international design company, design resources, such as the IDEO; And steel spade international school, brand promotion center.

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

Second.Cultural education tourism ecosystem

Cultural and educational tourism ecological circle, the display window of agricultural culture, folk culture and local culture in southern Luanhe river basin, and the most fun parent-child class of children's nature education in China, are the research destinations integrating multiple factors. To build the first brand of cultural and educational tourism in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which is dominated by study Tours, study Tours and research Tours, it is hoped that the tour, visit and research in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region can be completed in this educational tourism ecosystem, and it is committed to becoming the first brand of study Tours, study Tours and study visits for Chinese children.

GOXUS Trends | Luannan brand GOXUS design series report(One)

Third.Kangyang cultural industry cluster

The overall positioning of Kangyang cultural industry cluster is the regulator of the life order of residents in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, serving the whole Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Build life science innovation chain and life and health industry chain, build product system from the perspective of health care,nursing, cultural experience, health products, rehabilitation, recuperation and health care, cultural tourism to build health and health culture ecological circle. Introduced medical resources, such as Ali health, Changgeng hospital.

Fourth.Luannan model of rural revitalization

We should promote rural revitalization with rural natural education, build a complete system of enriching people, livable, employable and cultural tourism, and build an ecological system of integrating urban and rural development into a rural brand, so that agriculture and multiple industries can be organically integrated, rural areas can become yearning, farmers can regain confidence, and rural brand can open a new era.

Specific functional areas include pingju ecological museum of Hujiapo village, Beibao village rural nature museum (core) and rural nature school (outer edge) aboriginal ecological area, leisure resort, children's education center, health center, rural innovation, home stay and solar term canteen.

Nature education area, learning center art field, art camp, cultural education area rural innovation center, design center, exhibition center and exchange center, folk culture experience area folk art workshop, non-corpse inspection artist workstation, living village nature museum. Resources introduced include international nature school, national geographic nature experience camp, gehua camp and sun commune.

Fifth.Fine management of the city

Combined with the needs of fine operation of the city, planning and construction of urban service complex, urban Courier station, home of the party and the masses, and nursing center.

Finally, GOXUS will improve the environment and generate environmental benefits through tourism construction. Gather popularity through brand marketing and generate brand benefits; Feeding tourism and generating economic benefits through regional operation; Through business layout, increase employment and generate social benefits, luannan will be shaped into an ecological and brand city suitable for living, working and traveling.

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8月21日下午,洋河新区召开洋河新农学院首期干部培训会,通过专家的政策解读和经验传授,借助高位视角和专业眼光,指导洋河新区乡村振兴工作开展。光合星球董事长赵兴朋、光合星球生态合伙人田野等参加此次会议,区党工委书记张联东主持会议并作讲话。        培训会特邀中国城镇化促进会副主席、城市与乡村统筹发展专业委员会会长、原住建部村镇司司长李兵弟;中国城乡统筹委副会长、北京绿十字创始人、农道联众设计院院长孙君作主题宣讲。               李兵弟以《农村土地制度管理、宅基地制度改革与乡村非农业产业发展》为主题,深刻解读了关于农村土地制度管理相关法律法规。       孙君以《因为乡村,所以中国》为主题,详细阐述了中国农村发展方向并分享了其它农村地区成功改造的案例。             就加快实施乡村振兴战略,会议强调,全区上下要以先进理念谋划乡村振兴。以此次培训为契机,深刻领会,积极消化、运用培训知识,做到学有所思,学有所悟,学有所获。要紧紧围绕“产业兴旺、生态宜居、乡风文明、治理有效、生活富裕”乡村振兴总要求,抢抓改革和发展的机遇,进一步解放思想,转变观念,结合新区实际,注重学以致用,通过学习理论解决实际问题,确保乡村振兴战略落到实处、走在前列。       会议指出,要以创新路径实现乡村振兴。各责任单位要坚持以“民办民管民受益”的核心价值,在做实产业合作、供销合作、信用合作的基础上,围绕推动乡村全面振兴,探索组建规模更大、覆盖更广、层次更高的农民合作组织和形式。要加...
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