GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road


GOXUS-Village should inherit the cultural deposits and ideological connotations buried in the profound background of ancient villages, and retain the origin of etiquette and cultural relics of ethical and moral inheritance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that they live in a more comfortable environment, revitalize the active atmosphere of the village, and make the elderly and children live a happier life. On the one hand, GOXUS-Village redeploy their environment, such as housing, roads in villages, drainage, sewage, garbage treatment and so on, and add cultural facilities for development under the premise of protection; on the other hand, digging and sorting out ancient village history and culture. Collecting the Chinese classical art handed down by the folk people and sorting it out systematically is conducive to inheritance and laying a foundation for development and utilization.

Inheriting the culture

With the accelerated development of urbanization, more and more people have realized the fulcrum of cultural resources in building regional brands, and realized that the integration of cultural resources is the key to building regional brands. GOXUS believes that only those brands with cultural deposits can live forever and become famous. For the shaping of Sange Village, the first step is to explore the history and culture, protect and inherit the local historical and cultural elements, and shape the image of the village.

Rebuilding the environment

The advanced design concept is adopted to redeploy the village's human settlements and landscape environment without damaging the natural environment. Through careful planning and implementation on multiple levels, such as brand image design, function division and demand guidance, a new order of village residents' life is built to make the village more comfortable and livable.

Residential areas, with a very creative design techniques to create the local red brick architectural style features of the residential buildings, is the modern architectural design elements and local traditional culture mutual reference and integration of the perfect model. Is the community residents daily life main place.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

 Residential areas

The green ecological culture hall, with a building area of about 1600 square meters, mainly serves as the window for the public display of community characteristic culture. The architectural appearance with a sense of modern design and open internal space can hold various cultural exhibitions, foreign exchanges, policy publicity, mass culture and other activities, and is the core building of the whole community.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

The green ecological culture hall

The kindergarten, with a building area of about 1,650 square meters, mainly serves as a modern place for education, entertainment and exercise for community and surrounding preschool children. After completion, we will consider introducing well-known domestic children education brand organization for operation and management, and introduce the advanced education concept of first-tier cities to rural education, so as to better promote the development of national education cause.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

The kindergarten

With a floor area of about 300 square meters, homestay is a tourism experience product integrating food, accommodation, travel and entertainment. The design of homestay reflects and shows the local context, geography and social network, and emphasizes the design and provision of emotional products with experience and memory. Indoor all sorts of function and display are full of human nature more reflect.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

 Sample room for home stay

Design and research institute, with a building area of about 200 square meters, introduced design and research institutions in first-tier cities. It has become the place where the original and new designers in Yanghe area brainstorm and give play to their creativity and create the creative industry. Various creative offices, including information, media, entertainment, planning and training, are integrated to achieve interactive connection and become a platform for communication between Yanghe district and the external design trend. Create a green, convenient, creative, complete and free office environment.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

Design and research institute

The health clinic, with a construction area of about 230 square meters, is mainly responsible for the medical and health work of the whole community and surrounding areas, organizing and leading the mass health movement, and training health technicians. And the basic health and medical institutions for guidance and consultation. It is the important work of the three-level medical network in rural areas, shouldering the important tasks of medical epidemic prevention and health care, and it is the key to directly solve the difficulty and high cost of medical treatment in rural areas.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

Health clinic

The building area of a nursing home is about 410 square meters. The main function of the nursing home is to provide a safe, comfortable and livable place for the elderly, as well as an open space with functions of living, leisure and catering, which is integrated with the surrounding landscape. With the help of modern construction facilities, we inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues of 'old man and old man'.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

Old people's home

Convenient service center and toilet, building area is about 188 square meters, main function is to offer community dweller to gather rest, study, inquire, exchange, emergency response to a body to share a space, besides above basic service, still can many aspects perfect extend function.

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

 Convenient service center and toilet

 Recultivating humanity

Improve the village in the environment at the same time, focus on protecting heritage village folk customs, the continuation of historical context, to cultivate the village cultural environment, cultural community back to life, create unique village tourism brand, development of tourism industry lines, labor skills training villagers, farmers life behave, job specification, promote local farmers employment.

Implant industry

Introduction of new industries, increase the village industry vitality and the power, configuration in accordance with local characteristics of relevant industries, build a self-sufficient ecological economic system, the development of tourism, the winery, farms, fruit and vegetable plantations, food processing factory, packaging plant, creative design institute and so on industry, at the same time, to some extent in villages and the dependence of the surrounding city in terms of quality of life.

Sange Village·Executive team 

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

GOXUS Project | Beautiful village brand road

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2020年9月1日,世界著名农业专家、联想控股佳沃集团荣誉首席科学家金锡萱博士,中联办农业科学院院长冯河山,中国城镇化促进会党委委员梁宝平教授,海南自贸松桦投资有限公司董事长史蕊女士,大连农业科学、农业工程类研究员刘滨疆教授,沈阳水稻研究所副研究员苏玉安教授,荣程集团西南研究院院长任和昕一行来洋河参观考察,洋河新区管委会相关领导全程陪同。金博士一行参观农业嘉年华金博士一行参观农业研发中心9月1日下午,金博士一行应邀参加洋河全域农业产业发展研讨会,各位专家教授在此次会议上分别发表相关领域的主题演讲。光合星球董事长赵兴朋,光合生态合伙人田野等出席了此次研讨会。会上,赵兴朋向嘉宾介绍了洋河农事品牌,以当下光合星球在洋河新区前期所取得的工作成果进行了展示;同时,赵兴朋以三葛酒村为例,详细讲解了洋河全域乡村治理系统,结合农村的数据调研、农民培训、乡村治理等多方面的工作方法与经验,系统性地表达了未来对中国乡村建设与乡村文明治理的想法,得到了在座专家教授的一致认可。金锡萱博士以“世界大农业及技术进步”与“生物农业时代特点”为主题,结合在多年农业领域上的经验,开展了相关学术的讲座。 金博士表示:前瞻性的新发明或以新方式使用的技术是当前农业的高科技和创新技术。同时金博士指出,当下创新技术、风险资本、公司实力、有位政府、专利发明和实用新型专利是影响农业高科技和创新技术发展的几大因素,并举实例来论证各种因素的缺失对农业发展的不同影响。会后,光合星球与搜狐、洋河新区管委会联合成立的洋河新农学院为此次参会的各位嘉宾发出邀请,任聘参会嘉宾为洋河新农学院教授,洋河新区管委会书记张联东为各位嘉宾授牌。 此次洋河全域农业产业发展研讨会取得圆满成功。
23 Aug 2020
8月21日下午,洋河新区召开洋河新农学院首期干部培训会,通过专家的政策解读和经验传授,借助高位视角和专业眼光,指导洋河新区乡村振兴工作开展。光合星球董事长赵兴朋、光合星球生态合伙人田野等参加此次会议,区党工委书记张联东主持会议并作讲话。        培训会特邀中国城镇化促进会副主席、城市与乡村统筹发展专业委员会会长、原住建部村镇司司长李兵弟;中国城乡统筹委副会长、北京绿十字创始人、农道联众设计院院长孙君作主题宣讲。               李兵弟以《农村土地制度管理、宅基地制度改革与乡村非农业产业发展》为主题,深刻解读了关于农村土地制度管理相关法律法规。       孙君以《因为乡村,所以中国》为主题,详细阐述了中国农村发展方向并分享了其它农村地区成功改造的案例。             就加快实施乡村振兴战略,会议强调,全区上下要以先进理念谋划乡村振兴。以此次培训为契机,深刻领会,积极消化、运用培训知识,做到学有所思,学有所悟,学有所获。要紧紧围绕“产业兴旺、生态宜居、乡风文明、治理有效、生活富裕”乡村振兴总要求,抢抓改革和发展的机遇,进一步解放思想,转变观念,结合新区实际,注重学以致用,通过学习理论解决实际问题,确保乡村振兴战略落到实处、走在前列。       会议指出,要以创新路径实现乡村振兴。各责任单位要坚持以“民办民管民受益”的核心价值,在做实产业合作、供销合作、信用合作的基础上,围绕推动乡村全面振兴,探索组建规模更大、覆盖更广、层次更高的农民合作组织和形式。要加...
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