Shennong Age

Shennong Age is an agricultural theme park designed by GOXUS. It has been in foreign business since May 1, 2018. Now it has become a name card of agricultural tourism in Jiangsu province.

According to the statistics of the local tourism bureau, from may to December 2018, the park received 300,000 tourists and the tourism revenue was about 40 million yuan. Ticket revenue was 18 million yuan, consumer goods 9 million yuan and leisure and entertainment 13 million yuan.

The revival of agricultural industry is the focus of urban and rural development in China in recent years. Every place is actively doing science popularization, display, and industrial upgrading of agriculture, but there is no top-level brand to coordinate the elements of each industry. Shennong Age brand is a deep integration of first, second and third products. Different from general agricultural exhibition projects, Shennong Age is a multi-dimensional integrated cultural and tourism brand integrating agricultural science popularization, leisure and entertainment, agricultural industry, etc. For the development of agricultural tourism in China to create a model.

The GOXUS Design was fully explained in the project.

The GOXUS Design of Shennong Age project includes: brand positioning, functional design, aesthetic design, operation Suggestions and other contents.

Shennong Age

Brand positioning: the most interesting theme park of agricultural Encyclopedia

The Shennong Age is essentially different from the general agricultural Carnival in China. The general agricultural carnival is only a simple demonstration of new agricultural technologies and varieties, while the Shennong Age is a theme park of agricultural encyclopedia based on market demand and brand orientation, and the main customer group is a family group with children aged 6-15. Let this part of the community in the park can fully understand the process of crop cultivation, growth, initial processing, deep processing, to become products. At the same time, we also have some understanding of the pattern of world agricultural industry. And let family customers have a whole day of interaction, experience, entertainment experience here. At the same time, Shennong Age also developed a set of animation system to broadcast and disseminate Chinese classical stories and agricultural knowledge on the Internet, so that the brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Functional design: Shennong Age brand design seven major functions: popular science display, leisure and entertainment, cartoon animation, commercial shopping, catering and accommodation, brand alliance, industrial system.

Science popularization shows that in Shennong Age, a complete system of agricultural science popularization was designed from the global agricultural industry and the agricultural industry of different industrial chains. Visitors can understand the current situation of global agriculture and the production process of different agricultural chains from macro and micro dimensions.

Leisure and entertainment, Shennong Agea each venue involved in the corresponding interactive entertainment projects, there are outdoor favorite paradise, so that children can participate in interactive entertainment games while understanding knowledge.

Cartoon animation, Shennong Age based on Chinese classical mythology designed a set of animation system, Shennong and his family as the main characters to start a wonderful story, so that Chinese classical culture in the story has been reflected. For example, 24 solar terms, cadres and branches chronology, five elements, eight diagrams, etc.

Commercial shopping, Shennong Age, every venue display is linked to sales, every crop production end is products. For example, the display of bean crops will be accompanied by the sale of tofu. Really achieve display, popular science, sales integration. At the same time, there was a commercial street in the Shennong Age, which was a gathering place for the sale of various local food materials and crops. To provide tourists with the most original ecological quality goods.

Food and beverage accommodation, Shennong Age designed a catering and lodging area, in the form of a small camping base. Food ingredients used in catering are also produced locally.

Brand franchise, Shennong Age brand store is the concentrated sales of all local products, photosynthesis planet also provides large design services for Shennong Age products, designed brand products, derivatives, are sold in brand stores. Brand stores and Shennong Age Park can participate in the form of franchise to export brand to me as a whole. It's also part of the big design.

Industrial system, Shennong Age has created a set of industrial chains closely linked with local rural areas and farmers, forming an industrial system. Local products produced in many villages are sold to the outside world under the Shennong Age brand. For example, local products such as bean skins, tofu, fries, pancakes and so on have become the star products of the Shennong Age. It has promoted local employment and farmers to become rich.

Aesthetic Design: GOXUS provides a variety of system-wide aesthetic design, such as planning, architecture, lighting, greening, scene sculpture, logo system, guide system, animation system, brand stores, online platform, propaganda materials, etc.

Operational Suggestions: GOXUS has put forward the operation strategy of platform corporatization operation and introduction of social capital, which has been approved and implemented by the government. At present, Shennong Age Operating Platform Company has been established, which is a joint venture with social capital and continuously introduces foreign investors. GOXUS will also serve as a long-term big design service provider.

Based on the overall design work of GOXUS, the company also participates in the project management and material procurement management in order to achieve high-quality implementation of the project. Attached is the schedule of project management in Shennong Age.

In engineering management, GOXUS has formulated a scientific construction process, budget plan and construction organization plan. It ensures that the project is completed on schedule. In terms of material management, GOXUS provides high quality material suppliers and procurement channels for special materials to ensure the quality of the project and environmental protection requirements. Attached is the list of main material design in Shennong Age.

Shennong Age

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Shennong Age

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Shennong Age

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Shennong Age

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Shennong Age

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Shennong Age

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